For over 30 years, Jon Reider has been a voice for sanity and ethics in college admissions. From the beginning of his career as an admissions officer at  Stanford (while teaching Stanford’s longest-standing freshman humanities course), to the later half of his career as the Director of College Counseling at San Francisco University High School, Jon has become one of the most respected and trusted voices in the national college admissions world. He is co-author of the leading admissions guidebook, Admission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know About Getting into College.

Jon Reider is one of the titans in the field of college admissions. I’ve always appreciated his wisdom and generosity.

Matt Essman
Director of College Counseling
Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School – St. Louis, MO


Admission counselors come and go, but Jon Reider is one to be remembered. He is ridiculously smart, thoughtful, well-read, and influential. Jon is one of the few I’ve encountered in the college admissions field who can literally “move markets” — figuratively and literally. To this day, I learn something new every time I speak to him.

Bruce Reed
Founder and Executive Director
Compass Education Group

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